If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably seen the beautiful country garden photos and videos that have been trending online for the past few months. They’re usually full of pastel color palettes, natural textures, plenty of greenery, and some wildlife if you’re lucky!

Even if you don’t have a huge backyard or outdoor space to work with, there are so many ways to incorporate the country garden elements, even inside your home! Here are our top tips on how to enjoy it no matter what size and type of space you have available.

Floral colour palette

Amongst all the greenery that country-style gardens offer, there are pops of color incorporated throughout the flowers. These add to the elegance and overall ambiance of the gardens. While you can keep it simple and use white amongst the greenery, it looks especially eye-catching to have a variety of colors. Pinks, yellows, blues, and purples all make up an aesthetic country-style color scheme.

If you are planting in a larger outdoor space, start slowly and gradually add more. The great thing about country-style gardens is that they look great when they’re small. If you want to bring flowers inside, you can purchase or grow many of these country-style varieties indoors. Hydrangeas, delphiniums, snapdragons, daisies, and lavender all look gorgeous as cut flowers in a vase. As for the vase, head to your local charity shop and browse for options. The more vintage the appearance, the better they will suit the country-inspired style. It’s best to choose hardy flowers that will bloom in most conditions to make things easier for yourself in the long term. This will mean less maintenance and more flowers to enjoy year-round.


Less is more in the world of country-style gardens! This idea may be confusing, but it is usually better to pack out a certain area with flowers or foliage and leave space in between. This same idea applies to using pot plants. You can create a cluster of pot plants, which will ultimately look tidier and more uniform than having scattered pots all around the place. If you use a single statement pot plant that is potentially on the larger side, this can also work well in place of multiple pots to avoid looking crowded. When it comes to country-style gardens, the interest, textures, and eye-catching elements mainly come from the flowers, fixtures (such as benches, pathways, and walls), and the abundance of green foliage.

Textures & patterns

Whether with pathways, walls, pots, archways, or seating areas, now is the time to add texture and interest to your country-style garden. If you’re lucky enough to have space for a feature element in your outdoor space, it’s the perfect way to give your garden a natural country feel. When designing and selecting materials for a feature, look for a rustic or vintage appearance, whether that’s bricks, timber, metal, or glass; the more aged, the better.

In terms of color, sticking to the natural color or texture of the piece is always ideal. But don’t be afraid to give it a slight facelift with a fresh coat of paint or an oil stain. The best part of selecting antique-style pieces is that they require little to no styling. They will be eye-catching enough on their own and create the perfect statement without overwhelming your outdoor space. Many popular ideas include adding a turning pathway through the garden, a small bench seat, an archway or some chairs, and a coffee table.

If you are short on space or want some country-style elements indoors or on a patio, we have some ideas for you. Op-shop vases, treasures from a local antique seller, pot plants, and cut flowers are effortless ways to incorporate feelings of being out in the country into your space. If you want some greenery in pots, stick to classic terracotta. These are relatively easy and low-cost to source from nurseries and hardware stores, or you can easily upcycle them if you want to bring new life to some you already have lying around. Better yet, if your plants will be indoors, you can use one of our Plant Pouches to cover a pot you don’t like the look of. These pouches are available in sage, sand, and mocha colors and are reversible in case you prefer the more rustic hessian look.


A beautiful, warm white glow on a summer evening will add a calming country feel to any outdoor space. Thankfully, adding this element to your garden is easy, thanks to Hoselink’s range of quality solar lights. One of our most popular lighting sets is our Warm White Solar Festoon Lights. These perfectly match the country vibe and are easy to incorporate into any outdoor space. The high-quality bulbs emit a soft, warm white glow, and they are perfect for any occasion. If you are looking for something with an even simpler installation, the Solar Crackle Glass Lantern is ideal for placing on a table, a bench, or even hanging from a hook. The Crackle Glass Jar holds a cluster of fairy lights inside and has a rustic feel to it. As we know, lighting plays a major role in setting the mood and can transform any size outside space with ease.

Greenery & foliage

Greenery is an abundant element in any country-style garden. It creates a feeling of relaxation and surrounds the garden and flowers, giving it shape and uniformity. Green foliage comes in many forms, and as we see the lawn trend move out, it is present in even more unique ways, whether it be in the form of a hedge for privacy, a climbing plant for a decorative element, or simply some low bushes and shrubs to pack out an area or guide a path. Eucalyptus is an excellent green option to start growing. Not only does it grow fast, but it’s relatively easy to establish, and it looks great mixed with flowers or cut and dried in a vase and smells amazing, too. Another eye-catching piece of greenery is ivy. Ivy is a long-lasting form of foliage and looks great in a pot, climbing walls, or growing freely on its own. It has uniquely shaped leaves and makes beautiful decorating foliage. If you want to grow some greenery indoors, there are several options. Many varieties of ivy can be grown inside, as well as the China doll plant, inch plant, and friendship plant. Once again, to enhance the country-inspired theme with your indoor plants, use a terracotta or simple single-colour pot with a rustic finish.

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