So, what does it mean to save water? And what does it mean to actually save money by preserving water? We’re glad you asked! Keeping water means using the resource efficiently. This can be done through products designed for this very purpose, as well as implementing some daily habits around your water consumption. Identifying the products and services is easy, especially with the Smart Approved WaterMark products list, which you can browse easily on their website by clicking here.

Hoselink has a range of amazing products that can help you save water around the garden, some of which also have the Smart Approved WaterMark tick of approval! We’re going to run you through our favorites as well as some additional tips and tricks anyone can use around the home.

Water Saver

When it comes to watering by time, not volume, the water saver is perfect to help you save water. This product will essentially slow the water flow to your sprinkler, for example, reducing water wastage without compromising how thoroughly you water the lawn or garden.

Weeper Hose

Specially designed to water garden beds more efficiently, the Weeper Hose slowly seeps water directly into the soil closer to plant roots, reducing evaporation. This is an excellent alternative if you’d prefer not to use a sprinkler or hand water. The low water pressure, coupled with the porous nylon material, allows water to seep out at an even, slow rate, ensuring water goes where it is most needed and reducing unnecessary wastage. These are available in 7.5 and 15-metre lengths to suit any size garden, garden bed, or lawn.

Root Waterer

Similar to the weeper hose, by delivering water directly to the roots, you avoid wasting water through evaporation. Push the end of the Root Waterer into the ground, allowing it to reach the roots, and use the trigger to begin watering. Only a few seconds of watering are needed before your plants will be hydrated!

Automatic Tap Timer with Rain Sensor

A Tap Timer with Rain Sensor! A great way to stay in control and avoid wasting water. With this product, you can program watering for specific times and durations. Meaning you don’t use more water than necessary. It can be set to come on at night or early morning to prevent more water loss due to evaporation. Provided the timer is in the elements, the rain sensor will prevent watering during rain, saving water.

Misting Kit/Timer

You may already be familiar with Hoselink’s Misting Kit, which has several great functions for watering and keeping cool. Included in this kit is the Misting Timer, which will allow you to set specific watering durations to ensure you are only using reasonable quantities. The Misting Kit can be a more conservative water option than a traditional spray nozzle by evenly distributing a fine mist all over a desired area, which is particularly important for young seedlings. For more information, check out the video below!

Rain Gauge

The Hoselink Rain Gauge allows you to see how much rain has been received in your garden. Informing you of how much, if any, watering is necessary. It saves you from spending money on the water bill when you don’t need to!

Water Flow Meter

A Water Flow Meter allows you to track how much water is being used both per session and cumulatively. Allows you to track how many liters per minute are being used as well. All critical information if you are trying to track or limit water use. This may also be handy if you are looking to upgrade your watering systems at home and consider how much you’d like to reduce your water usage.

Hoselink Fittings

Honorable mention for Hoselink’s no leak or burst fittings! Hoselink’s fittings have been designed to remove the daily frustration of hose fittings leaking or bursting off and ultimately wasting your water.

Hand Washing vs the Dishwasher

Despite what you may think, hand-washing dishes can actually be significantly more wasteful than running a dishwasher. If you are in the market for a new dishwasher, check the energy efficiency so you can save water without having to think about it.

Shower Timers

These are very handy to track how long you have been in the shower! As we all know (particularly in Winter), it can be hard to take a shorter shower. Try a suction shower timer to easily track how long you’ve been in to prevent it from getting out of control.

Collecting Water

With a highly anticipated hot summer just around the corner, a lot of people are already or will be running the air conditioning more. Instead of letting the water from the unit runoff, try having a bucked to collect it. This water can then be re-purposed for washing the car or watering plants.

Re-Purposing Water

If you ever find yourself pouring out used boiling water from cooking pasta or vegetables, save it for something else! Once cooled, the water can be poured on house plants or outdoor garden beds; it can also be used in some cases to make a stock or a soup!

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