Getting ready for the upcoming festivities may seem daunting, particularly if you are entertaining friends and family or having to occupy kids during the school holidays!

In this blog, we’ll discuss some mini-tutorials and some easy-win tasks to complete in preparation for a busy few months ahead.

Remove the Weeds

Get rid of those pesky weeds at the source! As we know, it only takes one weed to set off an army of others when it comes to your lawns. The best way, and often unfortunate way, is by hand. Thankfully, Hoselink’s Stand-up Weed Puller is here to make the task more accessible and more enjoyable. This ergonomically designed tool is quicker and easier than almost any other method, giving you the best chance at removing the entire weed, including the roots.

Give your Hedges a Polish

Part of getting your garden ready for Christmas is pruning the hedges!

This is quickly done with Hoselink’s 2-in-1 Hedge Shears. The handles extend to four different lengths, making them perfect for those harder-to-reach pruning jobs. This cutting tool is fitted with an anvil lopper at the base for any thicker branches that need cutting. In an ideal world, hedges would be pruned year-round. This is important as it will encourage the hedge to continue to grow healthily.

Mow the Lawns

Instead of leaving this somewhat tedious job till the last minute, get your lawns over and done with before the guests arrive. Not only does it make all the difference in how it looks, but it’s also a vital part of the lawn’s overall health. While it may not grow as fast as it has during the year, it will be subject to more heat through direct sunlight, more pressure, less moisture, and heaps of foot traffic.


Fertilizing is something we are all guilty of wishing we did it more often. While we’re busy mowing and removing weeds, why not take a minute to fertilize the lawn? Hoselink’s 3-Day Green Lawn Fertiliser and Fertiliser Spray Mixer are perfect for this job. The Fertiliser Spray Mixer will make dispersing the fertilizer easier than ever, with the product automatically diluting when connected to a hose. Particularly in Summer, your lawn’s nutrients are significantly depleted. Hoselink’s rapid-release blend contains nitrogen, magnesium, iron, and potassium. All of which help to feed and replenish the lawn. This formula increases water retention and boosts soil health. Give your lawn the pick-me-up it needs before Christmas!

Flower Beds, Veggie Beds and Pot Plants

A very basic tidying of any planters, flower beds, or pot plants can make a world of difference! Remove any unwanted growth or weeds, deadhead flowers, and, most importantly, mulch and water!

With the warm weather here, your garden will need some extra help retaining moisture; mulching will help drastically with this. Mulching also has the added benefit of preventing weeds!

At Hoselink, watering solutions are what we do best. To view our range of Retractable Hose Reels, click here. Or, to view the rest of our watering range, click here.

Light it Up

There’s no time better than Christmas time to introduce some more lighting into your outdoor space. This is done best with Hoselink’s Decorative Solar Light range, of course! When it comes to lighting up your outdoor space, Hoselink’s solar lighting is the best choice. Not only is there plenty of variety to choose from, but many of them will automatically turn on at dusk, too. Some of our favorites from the decorative range include the Crackle Jars, which can be hung or placed on a table. The 2-in-1 Solar Garden Globes can also be hung as pendants using some string or staked into the ground. Lastly, the Solar Garden Spheres, with three different sizes to choose from, are also kid and pet-friendly.

Decorate! (Less is More)

Speaking of doing up your outdoor space, why not consider an outdoor Christmas Tree this year? We suggest ensuring your decorations are water/weather-proof before hanging anything outside and that they won’t damage any trees or plants. Hoselink’s Solar Lights are also weather-proof, so you can leave them out without worrying about too much heat or rain. When it comes to other decorations outside of lighting, be sure to stick to a theme.

Prepare and Maintain your Furniture

If you own outdoor furniture, it’s a great time to service it, whether this means a quick wipe down, an oil if it’s constructed from timber, or washing the covers if you have any upholstery. You’ll feel better knowing you and your guests are enjoying furniture that has been freshly cleaned and maintained. If you’re feeling creative, try rearranging your furniture in a different layout. This can be done simply for fun or to make it easier when you have people visiting your home.

Lawn Games & Activities

In preparation for entertaining, why not give some lawn games a go? A few all-around favorites include finska, paddle smash, and croquet. Games are a great way to get everyone into the spirit and bring out some friendly competitiveness, too.

Celebrate the Alfresco Way

With good weather and good times among you, there’s no doubt you’ll feel inspired to sit outdoors and enjoy a picnic or a meal with loved ones. Alfresco dining can be done with minimal supplies; just lay out a throw or picnic blanket, add some cheese and crackers, and enjoy the serenity and fresh air.

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