Watering can be a very therapeutic activity in the garden, but you may need to learn more about the specifics of watering or what is true and what isn’t. For instance, some resources may lead you to believe that drought-tolerant plants don’t need watering or that you don’t need to water after rain. We will also discuss some of our top tips on when to water the garden so that you can get the most out of your watering and your garden can get the most reward!

Myth One: You Dont Need to Water After Rain

This myth should make the most sense: the garden has received a lot of rain, so why would you need to go to the effort of watering it? It’s usually the opposite! During times of rainfall, your plants will actually start the process of pushing away the excess water that gets absorbed in places like the leaves. If you don’t water after rain, the plant will dry out, get sick, and, unfortunately, die. What’s more, after rain, the ground usually softens, as does the soil, making it more receptive to watering.

Myth Two: Drought-Tolerant Plants Don’t Need Water

Not true! Drought-tolerant plants still need water, probably more often than you realize. This theory is critical if the plant is young and in its phase of trying to become more established and grow. Generally, drought-tolerant plants can survive short periods without water. However, remember to water them using a root waterer if possible or using a method that ensures the water can penetrate thoroughly.

Myth Three: Watering it Once is enough

We were recently surprised by how hard it is for plants to retain water if you only give it a once over with the hose. The problem is that even if you water thoroughly and allow water to drain out the bottom of a pot plant, only the top half of the soil gets wet/hydrated. If you want the entirety of your plant to be watered thoroughly, you need to complete the process of flooding at least two times for the pot plant to be completely hydrated. Hoselink’s Resident Horticulturist, Ben Hayman, recently explained this best in a recent video demo; you can check it out by clicking here or watching just below.

When is the Best Time To Water?

As you may already be aware, evaporation causes a great deal of water to disappear. This issue is particularly prevalent when it’s a warm day and temperatures are high. Therefore, the best time to water is early in the morning, before 9 am or after 6 pm. By watering during these windows, you will allow the plants to use water throughout the day when they need it most.

What are the Best Ways to Water?

There are many different methods for watering plants. Depending on your garden size and time for watering, Hoselink has plenty of options to make watering easy.

The Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel

The first and most obvious to mention is the Retractable Hose Reel: water anywhere, anytime. The Retractable Hose Reel makes watering a breeze, as you can stop anywhere and complete any watering job. The reel arrives fitted with our new and improved Comfort-8 Pattern Sprayer, which has eight different watering patterns. This is ideal for several plant types, including young/delicate seedlings or plants.

Sprinklers & Tap Timers

Another option if you’re time-poor or don’t find water to be a therapeutic chore is using a sprinkler. Hoselink offers several different sprinklers to suit any outdoor area. Sprinklers are ideal for a set-and-forget method to ensure your garden gets adequate water coverage. To go one step further with your organization and reduce the risk of water wastage, you can try Hoselink’s Automatic Tap Timer with Rain Sensor. This tap timer will allow you to set watering schedules, which is very helpful if you are going away on holiday. The tap timer will also cancel watering if it rains so that you aren’t doubling up, and will then proceed with the schedule the following day.

Using a Root Waterer & Soil Breaker

The Hoselink Root Waterer and Soil Breaker is an excellent product for watering larger trees and plants in an effective and environmentally conscious way. The Root Waterer delivers water directly to the roots of the tree or plant underground. Once inserted, pull the trigger on this handy watering accessory to start the water flow. This product also helps to remove the risk of evaporation entirely and ensure water is received to the plant right where it’s needed. You can also use it to break up hard soil, making it easier to tidy up and or remove weeds from the garden.

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